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Meet our lab team

Proudly based out of the University of Texas at Austin

Near Tshabong, Botswana (Photo Credit: Andrew Kim)


Eugenio Arima

PhD, 2005 Michigan St. Univ.

Research Interests: Human- Environment Interactions, Land Systems Science, GIScience, Applied Quantitative Methods


Kelley A. Crews

PhD, 2000 UNC-Chapel Hill

Research interests: Spatio-temporal Scaling of Landscape Change Dynamics and Dynamism, Resilience and Vulnerability of Socio-Ecological Systems in Developing States, and Ecologies of Global Health



Thoralf Meyer

PhD, 2014 University of Virginia

Research interests: Environmental Sciences, Kalahari Ecosystems, Vegetation Dynamics, and Remote Sensing/Spectral Unmixing



Jennifer Miller

PhD, 2003 SDSU / UCSB

Research Interests: GIScience, Species Distribution Modeling, Movement Pattern Analysis


Carlos Ramos-Scharron

PhD, 2004 Colorado St. Univ.

Research Interests: Hydro-geomorphology, Soil Erosion, Sediment Budget, Watershed Analysis & Management, Land Use Change, Carbon Budget, Mass Wasting


Kenneth R. Young

PhD, 1990 University of Colorado - Boulder

Research Interests: Conservation Biogeography, Tropical Ecosystems, Biodiversity Concerns, Sustatinability Issues


Graduate Students

Alex Marden

Research Interests: Vegetation ecology, conservation, human-environment interactions, remote sensing, savanna ecosystems


DLL Alumni

Paul Holloway | PhD, 2016

Biogeography, GIScience, Species Distribution Modeling, Movement Analysis
Dissertation: Incorporating movement into species distribution models


Justin Laue | M.A., 2014

Land Change Science, GIS, Remote Sensing, Human-Environment Interactions

Thesis: The extent of reductions to protected areas in the Brazilian Amazon

Kalli Doubleday

Human-Environmental Interactions
Dissertation: Rewilding, Developing, Evolving: human-environmental relations in context of apex predators in Rajasthan, India

Robert Bean

Paleohydrology, geomorphology, soils and legacy effects

Brendan Hoover

GIScience, Biogreography, Movement Ecology, Movement Analysis, Geovisualization/Cartography, Political Ecology

Daniel Levine
Thesis: Spatio-temporal Analysis of central Texas savannas: Integrating field data with remotely-derived data sources to inform ecosystem function and management


Cody Schank

Species Distribution Modeling (SDM), 

Dissertation: Improving Species Distribution Models for Conservation : A case study on connectivity of Baird’s Tapir habitat in Central America

Amelia Sosnowski

Geospatial and Ecological Modeling, Remote Sensing, Migratory Populations, Seasonal African Ecosystems, Conflict-Environment Relationships

Kaitlin Tasker
Human-Environment Interactions, Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, Land Use Change, GIS, Applied Quantitative Methods, Conservation Incentives, Ecosystem Services, Visual Representation of Complex Information

Xueben Yang

Dissertation: Analyzing potential woody cover of central Texas savannas and the role of resource availability and disturbance regimes in woody plant encroachment

Molly H. Polk | PhD, 2016

Mountain Geography, HDO Global Change,

Dissertation: Andean glacier recession and implications for high altitude peatlands

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