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TEXAS Digital Landscapes Lab

A diverse group of UT Austin faculty, research affiliates, graduate and undergraduates spanning numerous thematic foci beyond Geography. The Lab's mission centers around the acquisition and integration of remotely sensed data for improved spatiotemporal analysis

Okavango River Delta near Sepupa, Botswana 2022

MODISA Burn 2022

Our first controlled burn at the MODISA Wildlife Conservation Project outside Tshabong, Botswana took place in mid-July. We had a crew on-site to do all necessary tasks such as creating fire brakes, managing the burn progression and collecting temperature data. Take a look at Alex moving temperature gauges in between burn sections!


Courtesy of Andrew Kim Photography


Kalahari Science Institute

The Kalahari Science Institute (KSI) hosts UT Austin faculty-led global programs integrating spatial, societal and environmental sciences in Botswana. The KSI aims to help foster a long-term research presence in the region complete with a wet lab, herbarium and offices set to be operational by Summer 2023.

Driving Innovation

The Digital Landscapes Lab boasts a unique private sector partnership with Gazelle Ecosolutions, a UT-based startup, focused on developing sustainable grazing practices while engaging in voluntary carbon markets through eco-restoration projects. Learn more here.


Courtesy of Gazelle Ecosolutions, LLC

Study Abroad:

The six-week Botswana summer study abroad program led by Dr. Thoralf Meyer offers students hands-on fieldwork experience across the Botswana Kalahari alongside exhilarating excursions throughout many of the country's national parks, game reserves and the Okavango Delta.

Learn more.

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 9.31.24 PM.png

MODISA + Gazelle

The MODISA Wildlife Project, a trailblazer in sustainable game ranching, covers 7,000+ hectares of grasslands outside Tshabong, Botswana. MODISA is also one of Botswana's 1st carbon offset projects in partnership with Gazelle Ecosolutions, a DLL Lab affiliated startup, promoting long-term conservation efforts.

Learn more.

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