Who We Are


Eugenio Arima

PhD, 2005 Michigan St. Univ.

Human- Environment Interactions, Land Systems Science, GIScience, Applied Quantitative Methods


Kelley A. Crews

PhD, 2000 UNC-Chapel Hill

Spatio-temporal Scaling of Landscape Change Dynamics and Dynamism, Resilience and Vulnerability of Socio-Ecological Systems in Developing States, and Ecologies of Global Health

Jennifer Miller

PhD, 2003 SDSU / UCSB

GIScience, Species Distribution Modeling, Movement Pattern Analysis


Carlos Ramos-Scharron

PhD, 2004 Colorado St. Univ.

Hydro-geomorphology, Soil Erosion, Sediment Budget, Watershed Analysis & Management, Land Use Change, Carbon Budget, Mass Wasting

Kenneth R. Young

PhD, 1990 University of Colorado - Boulder

Conservation Biogeography, Tropical Ecosystems, Biodiversity Concerns, Sustatinability Issues

Affiliated Researchers

Thoralf Meyer

PhD, 2014 University of Virginia

Environmental Sciences, Kalahari Ecosystems, Vegetation Dynamics, and Remote Sensing/Spectral Unmixing

Graduate Students

Robert Bean
Paleohydrology, geomorphology, soils and legacy effects

Thomas Christiansen

Landscape and Disturbance Ecology, Biogeography, Savannas, Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing
Dissertation: Structural Disturbance Classes: Explicitly linking field- and satellite- derived measurements for improved disturbance detection and quantification

Kalli Doubleday
Human-Environmental Interactions, Human and Animal Geographies, Human Dimensions of Wildlife Studies  
DissertationRewilding, Developing, Evolving: human-environmental relations in context of apex predators in Rajasthan, India
Brendan Hoover
GIScience, Biogreography, Movement Ecology, Movement Analysis, Geovisualization/Cartography, Political Ecology

Daniel LeVine 


Vegetation Ecology, Remote Sensing, Human-Environment Interactions, Disturbance Ecology, Savanna Dynamics
Thesis: Spatio-temporal Analysis of central Texas savannas: Integrating field data with remotely-derived data sources to inform ecosystem function and management

Alex Marden
Vegetation ecology, conservation, human-environment interactions, remote sensing, savanna ecosystems

Cody Schank

Species Distribution Modeling (SDM), Remote Sensing, Conservation, Biogeography, Camera Trapping, Tropical Ecology
DissertationImproving Species Distribution Models for Conservation : A case study on connectivity of Baird’s Tapir habitat in Central America

Amelia Sosnowski
Geospatial and Ecological Modeling, Remote Sensing, Migratory Populations, Seasonal African Ecosystems, Conflict-Environment Relationships

Kaitlin Tasker
Human-Environment Interactions, Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, Land Use Change, GIS, Applied Quantitative Methods, Conservation Incentives, Ecosystem Services, Visual Representation of Complex Information

Xuebin Yang

GIS and Remote Sensing, Statistical Modeling, Savanna Dynamics
Dissertation: Analyzing potential woody cover of central Texas savannas and the role of resource availability and disturbance regimes in woody plant encroachment


Paul Holloway

PhD, 2016
Biogeography, GIScience, Species Distribution Modeling, Movement Analysis
DissertationIncorporating movement into species distribution models

Justin Laue

M.A., 2014
Land Change Science, GIS, Remote Sensing, Human-Environment Interactions

Niti Mishra

PhD, 2014

GIScience and Remote Sensing, Biogeography, Landscape Ecology
DissertationMulti-scale remote sensing of savanna structural and functional properties and their spatial association in the central Kalahari, Botswana
Currently employed at UW-La Crosse, Department of Geography/Earth Science

Molly H. Polk

PhD, 2016
Mountain Geography, Human Dimensions of Global Change, Landscape Ecology, Biogeography, Conservation
DissertationAndean glacier recession and implications for high altitude peatlands