Thakadu Blow Up: Season 2

Our second burn at Thakadu Game Farm took place by the end of July. We had quite a crew on site to do all the necessary tasks, such as re-measuring the vegetation after last year’s burn, setting up a weather station, managing the actual burn and conducting all of the post-burn measurements. This year we did the first one of our 1 year burn intervals and burned an additional 3 hectare to measure the released energy levels under consideration of different fuel loads. While the first burn took place under low wind speed conditions (around 0 – 1 m/ s) we burned the second plot at higher wind speeds where gusts reached about 4 m/ s. There was a visual difference in the destruction caused by the fire at higher wind speeds. In areas with high fuel loads, we reached temperatures far exceeding those of this year’s first and the previous year’s burn. Check out photos and videos from the excitement below and don’t forget to check out Amelia and her fire extinguisher!