May 2016

Study Abroad Botswana 2016

Now running for the 5th year, the Botswana program 2016 was yet another success. We have now been measuring vegetation regrowth for 12 plots over multiple years. Slowly we are actually seeing some differences between plots and it’s now time to start analyzing these data sets.  This year we have also introduced another 12 transects in order to determine the carrying capacity for browsers and grazer across the different habitats found at Thakadu Game Farm in Ghanzi. Apart from field work the group had some amazing experiences. Part of this year’s highlights was the visit to the San Cultural Center in D’kar, the visit to MODISA and an information session held by Peace Corp volunteer Peggy Flynn.

As part of the coursework, we joined UT students with members of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks for a training session on the use of GPS in the field and vegetation sampling.

We ended the course with an extensive Safari through the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and the Khwai region where students had some breathtaking wildlife experiences. Unforgettable for most of us remains the moment when a male lion visited our camp at night.

Don’t forget to check out our video clips and our blog ( for more impressions. All videos have been produced by Emree Weaver, who is a masters student in the Journalism Department at UT.