June 2016

DWNP training session #2

In June, in combination with our study abroad program, we hosted the 2nd. DWNP training excecize. This time, Dr. Flyman and us decided to focus on vegetation surveys and the field use of GPS units. After some theoretical lectures on how to determine the carrying capacity of an area for both, browsers and grazers, we went to the field. For this part, we teamed up our students with at least one DWNP staff member. The students were already familiar with the methods and so we could do some peer-lecturing out in the field. The field training took an entire day and everybody involved had a lot of fun. This 2nd session was a great success in terms of the training itself as well as the cross-cultural learning experience for everybody involved.

Check out the photos:

Our all purpose tent was almost to small for our combined lectures on carrying capacities. Photo by Emree Weaver.

Out in the field we used a transect method to determine the carrying capacity for browsers and grazers. Photo by Emree Weaver.

For the GPS exercise we paired UT students with folks from DWNP.

Check out our fancy name tags!

This is the whole class of the second DWNP training session. A very positive experience for everyone involved. Photo by Emree Weaver.