April 2015

Digital Landscapes students are again gearing up to attend this year's annual meeting of the AAG in Chicago. Graduate students attending the conference this year include Thomas Christiansen, Paul Holloway, Daniel LeVine, Molly Polk, and Xuebin Yang. Additionally, undergraduate student Emily Mixon will be presenting a poster on her work overseen by Thoralf Meyer.

Presentations (with hyperlinks to abstracts) include:

Integrating field-based vegetation measurements with satellite derived land-cover classes for insights into social-ecological system dynamics along the peripheries of the Okavango Delta, Botswana (Thomas Christiansen)

Modeling species range shifts in response to climate change: how does incorporating migration affect uncertainty in projections? (Paul Holloway)

Understanding climatological drivers of woody plant encroachment in the Edward's Plateau, Texas (Daniel LeVine)

A MODIS-based examination of annual burnt area and photosynthetic response to seasonal fire one year post burn in southern Africa's Miombo Woodland Belt (Emily Mixon)

Tropical mountain peatland change in response to glacier recession (Molly Polk)

Maximum realizable woody cover in central Texas savannas: an application of piecewise quantile linear regression (Xuebin Yang)