March 2015

From left to right: Xuebin Yang, Molly Polk, Daniel LeVine, Jillian Ames, and Aaron Groth.
UT Geography and the Environment students visited the Texas A&M campus for the AGGS symposium this past Friday, an event coordinated by A&M Geography graduate students. The conference spanned a wide range of topics and offered a unique environment for students from both schools to share and discuss their work. Xuebin Yang, Molly Polk, Dan LeVine, Jillian Ames, and Aaron Groth attended the conference.

Digital Landscapes presentations included:

Connecting climatological drivers and woody vegetation productivity in the Edward's Plateau, Texas using eddy covariance flux tower data and Landsat-derived vegetation indices (Daniel LeVine)

Increasing forest cover and melting glaciers: a case study from Peru's Santa River basin (Molly Polk)

Maximum realizable woody cover in central Texas savannas: an application of piecewise quantile linear regression (Xuebin Yang)